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  • Parents/Carers agree to abide by and accept the policies of the Preschool. The policies are available on the school website 

  • Parents/Carers must ensure that children will be picked up from the Preschool by the time their specific session has ended. These are the sessions which have been agreed in advance with the Preschool. A charge of £10.00 is payable for each 15 minutes after the time the child/ren should be collected. 

  • The Preschool retains the right to revoke membership of the Preschool if children are repeatedly collected late, not adhering to the policies of the Preschool or there are any other serious breaches of these terms and conditions. 

  • Parents/Carers will ensure that fees will be paid on the correct payment date. Your child may be unable to use the facilities until correct payment is made. Payment can be made by debit card and we reserve the right to charge for this service. We also accept childcare vouchers. Any other method is not acceptable. 

  • Parents must give one months’ notice of any amendment to booked sessions or cancellation of a place at the Preschool. Payment is still due during any notice period. 

  • Only the child’s parent/carer or adult identified on the booking form may collect at the end of the session (unless agreed in advance by the parent/carer). 

  • The Preschool does not accept any responsibility for the possessions or valuables of children attending the Preschool

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