The Holiday Club offers childcare to children aged 3-11 years during all the school holidays, with the exception of the Christmas holiday and the last two weeks of the summer holiday. The Holiday Club manager is responsible for planning and completing risk assessments for all aspects of the Holiday Club, ensuring a safe and secure environment.

Our Holiday Club is well known for its relaxed atmosphere where children say they feel at home and enjoy all the planned activities.


Holiday Club is open from 8:00am till 6:00pm Monday to Friday during the school holidays.  

The daily cost for Holiday Club is: 

* Preschool children aged 3-4 years old £35.00 for the full day.

* For children in Reception – Year 6 old £30.00 for the full day.

* Payments for our Holiday Club can be made via vouchers or our debit card machine. 

You can register your child for our Holiday Club by completing the booking form. You can then pick and choose which Holiday sessions you would like you child to attend by selecting the tick boxs below.



Holiday Club is based in Weetwood Primary School’s large hall. Your child will get chance to play with a large range of equipment. We provide all children who attend our Holiday Club with a wide range of varied activities for the children to enjoy during their holiday. The children are provided with healthy snacks throughout the day. 

Some of our trips out include: 

* Local parks. 

* Cinema. 

* Kids club house. 

* Bowling. 

* Archery. 

* Tropical world. 

* and much more




Holiday Sessions

Payment will be made on the first day attending Playscheme via the debit/credit card machine. Voucher payments to be made before attending.

Please note, extra costs for certain trips to be paid by cash on the day.

Please send a message on the contact page if you would like a half days on the day/s you have selected. 

Please make sure you bring a packed lunch on full days.



We pride ourselves on a positive, friendly environment where all children from 3-11 interact and grow socially and emotionally.


The school holidays are a time for children to enjoy themselves, meet friends and feel comfortable in an environment that is safe and secure.



“I love Holiday Club so I can hang out with all my friends” 


“There is so many different activities to take part in. I love the bouncy castle!” 


“The trips out are the best!”